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There have been different moments in my life were in I had nothing but time. I was locked up a couple times by the State of Texas, once for 10 months another for 8. There were some overnighters, weekend visits, or one week stays waiting for bail in between as well. I’ve been locked up abroad, where in I did 1 year and 6 months. Those moments when I had nothing but time taught me a lot. The crazy thing is I also learned from those times I was free, but jobless. You see when you don’t work, don’t have money and don’t know what to do…you usually have nothing but time.
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So Having Nothing But Time Taught Me How To Reflect

Yes, having nothing but time will bring upon some reflection in your life. At least it did so for me. I learned how to reflect on my current situation(s). Times when I was locked up I would reflect on what’s truly important. Why did I end up here? What could I have done differently. What WILL I do differently when I get out. Having nothing but times really makes you think. That’s a good thing. That’s a positive that can be taken away from times like that. And you don’t even have to be locked up to have those kinds of moments. It’s basically times were you are away from the normal grind, fast paced life we are accustomed to. When you can get away from that, you can clear your mind and see things differently.
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When You Have Nothing But Time You Actually Have Potential

That’s right. Again, this has nothing to do with being locked up. For those of you who are in between work, in between phases of life, this can apply. You may have more time on your hands, more than you can handle. Don’t worry, it is good, because it creates POTENTIAL. The potential to be creative. The potential to find new ways of doing things, whether that be making money, making a living, or just plain living life. I never look back on those times of being locked up as times I miss. Never. However I do look back and smile because for one, I’m not in that moment anymore (I’m free!). Two, I realize that I learned a lot when I had nothing but time. I was able to focus more and more on what was important to me, and what I wanted out of life.
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In the end if you find yourself with more time, or nothing but time, reflect. Use that time wisely because before you know it you are back in the fold, where you NEVER have time. You can use this time to create the plan that will get you rich, happy, or both. You can use this time to be CREATIVE, or even change your life. When I was jobless, and I had all day until my kid got out of school, I had nothing but time! Time to go online, research how to make money. Time to figure out what it truly was I wanted to do in terms of “making a living”. If it wasn’t for those moments, maybe I wouldn’t be here where I am today, an internet hustler, figuring out more and more each day.
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