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You know the story, you’re starting something new and different and you tell people about it. It may be a friend, family member etc. They say oh that’s cool, or they laugh and shrug it off. Either way you feel as though they’re not taking it seriously. Or better put you can tell they have little faith in it. Well, that’s normal. If it isn’t the normal 9-5 grind, career move type hustle a lot people find it hard to take your hustle seriously. But that doesn’t fucking matter!

Here’s Why People Don’t Take Your Hustle Seriously

For the most part, the reason people don’t take your hustle seriously is because they don’t see yet or can’t figure out how it would work. I tell people all the time I’m working hard to make money online. I’m an online hustler basically. However it takes a lot of groundwork where in you will be making absolutely NOTHING. And of course a lot people just can’t figure out how you can make money online. The same goes with various other hustles, perhaps what you’re doing now people just don’t see how it would work. On top of that people will automatically be “attached” to the type of work they do. By that I mean they see how they make money and figure that’s the SAFEST way to do it.
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People Don’t Take Your Hustle Seriously But It’s All Good

As long as you can visualize it, find others who have done something similar and you stay consistent it doesn’t matter if others don’t take your hustle seriously. I’ve been on this online hustle for a year now, and I have made very little money so far. However I’ve learned SO MUCH! And that’s priceless. That’s what’s going to bring the money in in the future. I know as long as I keep this up, I will figure it out. What I strive for are those moments of realization and clarity. When you’ve figured something out within your hustle it’s like DAMN! I got this! Those are the money moments because again it’s a continual process of fine tuning your hustle, getting better at whatever it is you do, each day.
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In the end your hustle can be different from mine, and mine different from the person next to me. I believe you have to keep an open mind. A lot of people become cynical over time, I as well. However I have to keep pushing myself and reminding myself that there are a million ways to do anything. Same thing when it comes to making money. Same thing when it comes to creating the lifestyle you desire. Others may laugh or tease or even worry about you (I may be projecting here lol), but what’s important is I see the map. I see the lay of the land ahead of me, and I know how to get there, and I’m willing to do what it takes. Not everyone is going to understand your hustle, just like in life not everyone is going to understand what you’re doing. And that’s ok. It doesn’t fucking matter!

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