This World Doesn’t Owe You A Purpose And That’s A Good Thing

There is no such thing as purpose in the sense that most people throw the word around. You hear it all the time, “What’s your purpose”. Or, “You have to figure out your life purpose.” Motherfucker no you don’t and there’s no such thing! The only purpose we serve is to live, or if anything procreate which in itself and as a whole is self-preservation. Just like bacteria (lol). I hate when people say, “what’s your purpose in life” or “what’s your calling.” Please, it is only by the most random of circumstances, thrown in with the choices you’ve made that has lead you to where you are today. For those who say you have to have a purpose, no you don’t. That’s shit we made up.
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Now, for me personally I “create” purpose, or purposes in my life, like I want to make money, create great work (I blog), etc. So my purpose on one day would be to create a post that is enthralling, yet significant. My purpose for the next few years may be to become as great as possible at writing and marketing my blog. I might tell myself in the course of my lifetime I want to constantly grow as an individual in all aspects. So I purposely do things, or work towards things that will improve my chances of doing so. But in no way shape or form is that a “given purpose” or life purpose. No, it is a choice.
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The Problem With “Having A Calling” Or A “Life Purpose”

First off that puts a ridiculous amount of expectation and pressure on individuals. A better word than ridiculous would be “unfounded”. Secondly, it’s a “limiting” statement or proposition. Me personally, I never felt the need to have a “specific purpose”. I always felt that I could be successful, do well for myself, do my best everyday. But even that is not a “life purpose”. Perhaps it is more of a mantra, or just plain “what felt natural” to me. The problem with “having a calling” is some people take it to be something that has to suspend natural order. Rather than saying hey let me observe myself, what I like to do, what I’m good at, and what venues or lanes I want to take to reach certain goals. Let me see what I feel is worth fighting for, or brings out emotions in me that say “Hey you need to do something here”. Even that is self serving, and not some “calling” or “life purpose”. To say that oh, when Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights he was fulfilling his calling, is bullshit. Because he was simply doing what he thought was right in the circumstances he so randomly had happened to be born into. If he had been born ten or twenty years later, you think he would have served that same “purpose”?
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Let me expand on what I meant by saying that having a calling or life purpose is a limiting proposition. In some instances and among certain individuals, they take this proposition to heart. They feel as though they can’t act or do or know what to do without first knowing their calling. “Are you fucking kidding me?” is my initial reaction. However I have to remind myself of society and why people think the way they think. You can wait your whole life trying to figure out your purpose, and choke on a chicken bone one day and fuck…where’s your purpose now? I saw an interview of Seth Godin by Marie Forleo while researching this topic. You can check out the video here. I love how Seth Godin puts it in this interview and expands on how people “wait” for their purpose. You have to just DO. Just act, and go from there. You will see as he says, the “the challenges you can sign up for and the emotions you can experience.” Just as I had said earlier, you decide what agendas you want to take up based on the so many different circumstances that has lead you to feel certain ways about certain things.
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I Prefer Having Goals Over Purpose And I Would Never Say I Had A Calling

I remember Christopher Hitchens was once asked what is the purpose of life. He responded with humor and wit. His overall message was, “if not to pass down my genes, at least to partake in activities that might allow me to do so.” Again, bacteria. And people will want to take this as some dark, bleak or unhappy idea. But it’s not. It’s actually GREAT and beautiful. Really, it shows all we have to do is to live. And from there we can do great things in our lives. And we DO do great things. Some of us anyways. However it goes back to having goals, rather than a single life purpose, or a calling. I have many goals in my life. I want to be a father that my daughter can depend on, look up to and respect. That’s small, more so I want to be a part in her life that plays towards her happiness, success, and moral compass. Whether at times that part needs me to be big or small, whatever it takes, I will adapt to it. You see, goals. And from those goals I will take certain actions and make certain decision. Will I always choose the best course of action. Fuck no. But I can try my best. Other goals I have are to make a lot of money (because in the circumstances I was born into, money helps accomplish a lot of things). Another goal I have is to make money in a way that allows me to have time and attention to the things that are more important to ME. Goals, have goals, not a calling.
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A calling is bullshit. When you hear people say they became this or that because they were called to it, it’s bullshit. They’re deluding themselves and creating an atmosphere where in people, especially the youth, the children, become confused. This world doesn’t owe you a purpose, never has, never will. You go out and find what is purposeful for you, what you want to take action on and subscribe to, a lot of which is based on the emotions you feel and more importantly the emotions you choose to drive you. I’ve fulfilled my “purpose” for today, one of them anyways. Scratch that, I’ve completed one of my goals today, which was creating this post. I don’t live a purpose driven life, I just LIVE.
Arguments, agreements, likes and dislikes, etc. are carried out in the comment section below if you so desire. The share buttons are on the left for those who connected with what I wrote and want to let others know so. Until next time, the hustle never ends for me, and perhaps the same goes for you. Deuces!

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