I'm So Hoodie Redone

I've recently redone my hoodie site, I'm So Hoodie. In business, just as in life you have to learn how to adapt and change accordingly. Also in business when it comes to money you have to see it as the resource it is. Regardless if you are making good money, a smart business man always looks for MAXIMUM profits. So with that mantra in mind I was able to find ways to cut costs for this hoodie site, while giving it a better look and feel as well.


What Kind Of Website Is I'm So Hoodie

Those who have been following me on my blog or on my YouTube Channel know about this site. But for those who are new here, I'm So Hoodie was my second Shopify Store. It is a Hoodie Shop, selling unique and fun looking hoodies. It is also a drop ship site, and for those who want to learn how to create their own drop ship site check out my FREE TUTORIAL ON HOW TO BUILD AN ONLINE STORE.
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What Does This Hoodie Site Mean To Me

My first store was a failure, or let's call it a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I didn't make a single sale on there, for months before I finally closed it down. However I got my first sale on I'm So Hoodie within a few days of opening up! This site means a lot to me because it taught me not only how to succeed in the e-commerce game, but that I CAN succeed in it! So although I've created more websites since then, and I've started making money through other venues as well, I still keep the hoodie site up. However like I said at first, I found ways to cut costs, and at the same time I've redone the site to get the most out of it!
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So What Are The Changes I've Made To This Site

Well, at first it was strictly an e-commerce site. However I've turned it into a blog with a store within it. This ties in with maximizing it's potential. It actually opens up doors to all for more ways to monetize the site. Now you wouldn't want to do this with every e-commerce site. Some sites you would want strictly to be an online store, with a blog added to it. The reason I have it switched for this one, again is because it works, and to set it up for some future plans I have for it. I'm confident in the road I'm taking with this site, and I really like where it is headed. It not only allows me to do more with it, but it does something I learned a long time ago. That is, to think about a site's growth. When you're creating your websites, your online stores, blogs, etc. I learned you should plan knowing your site will someday grow or have the potential to do so, but you have to make sure the foundation will not hold it back. That means a site can limit itself based on how you set it up. Anyways, I'm So Hoodie is revamped, I'm proud of it and you can check it out for yourself! Oh yeah, don't forget to snag yourself a hoodie while you're there!
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