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I wanted to share with y’all today this new chat plugin for WordPress. This is such a cool plugin that can help you in so many ways on your blog or website. With this plugin you can interact with anyone on your site at any given time. Visitors to your site can easily ask you questions, communicate to you, etc. just as if they were messaging you on Facebook or something of that nature. However what makes it cool is that it is NOT Facebook Messenger (although you can integrate FB messenger into this app), and that it makes your blog more personal, more interactive!

This new chat plugin for your WordPress site is Tidio Chat. This plugin looks amazing and works not only effectively but efficiently, and with great for the user. It’s a quick install all you have to do is go to their site here. Once you are on their site, fill out the information and style your widget and avatar to your liking. They will then provide you a script in which you will install on your WordPress site.
This is an extremely easy install, you do not need to “get your developer to do it” although they do provide that option for you (through email). Once you’ve copied that line of code which begins and ends with the tags , you will go to your WordPress Dashboard. From your dashboard hover over appearance and click on editor. Once you are in your editor find your header.php. Now when you are editing this area, pay close attention as you can accidentally erase or add characters to your code (you don’t want that). Find the tag. And from there scroll down slowly until you find the tag. Right before that tag paste your code in. Then update your file and you are good to go!
A few extras you may want to know. You can download the Tidio Chat app on your phone and stay connected to visitors on your site 24/7! Also you can integrate it with Facebook Messenger. The great thing about this app is that one, it’s absolutely free (but has some sweet features if you upgrade), two it allows you to engage with others on your site, and three it brings your site to life! This is huge because people want more interaction these days, especially with the advent of social media! This brings “social” to your site, allowing you to stay connected and more so you can see where visitors are looking on your page, where there from and more! This way you can point them towards blog posts you feel they should read, products they may like, the possibilities are endless! Again I love this plugin, and you can get yours now by clicking on my affiliate link here or on the advertisement below!

Questions, comments and shares are much appreciated!

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