A Much Needed Vacay

One thing I learned as a Health Coach is to listen to your body and your psyche. And mine are saying to go on a much needed vacay! Although the hustle never ends for you and I, part of that hustle is taking care of yourself. Proper rest and relaxation actually leads to better productivity and more effective work in the long run. So, with Spring Break coming up I am going on a much needed vacay!

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Where Is This Much Needed Vacay Taking Me

Well, it’s starting off as a road trip driving from here in Dallas to Pensacola, Florida. We’re only spending one night then afterwards we are heading to Miami! We will spend one night in Miami, before boarding a Carnival Cruise ship to Key West, Cozumel then back to Miami. Once back in Miami, we will spend one more night there and one day before heading back home. Of course I’ll be documenting this trip for this blog as well as for my VLOG CHANNEL.
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Why Is This Vacay So Needed

As I said earlier, taking breaks and resting your body and mind are all part of the big picture. Check out successful NBA teams starting with the San Antonio Spurs. The G.O.A.T. as far as I’m concerned when it comes to coaching, Greg Popovich started an amazing trend in the league. That trend was to rest his star players a lot more throughout the season, even taking them off the roster for entire games. He got fined for it the first time he did it, but then other teams started catching on and doing the same. And the same applies to us. We are in a long grind here, and to try and accomplish everything in one day is a recipe for disaster. So knowing when to take a vacay is extremely important to hustlers like you and I.
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This post is going to be a short one because I’ll be posting soon with details of how the trip went. I’ll be sure to put up a bunch of pics, etc. And hopefully y’all will check out my VLOG CHANNEL as well to see the trip in video as well. In the end it’s all about balance, and again playing that long game. Thinking long term is extremely important, and though we feel at times we have to grind relentlessly, taking a vacay is all part of the grind. It’s all part of life, and in life The Hustle Never Ends! ‘Til the next one, deuces!

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