I'm A Motherfucking Murderer

I’m A Motherfucking Murder And So Are You

I’ve murdered a dozen relationships.
I’ve murdered a dozen more first impressions.
I’ve murdered hundreds of promises.
I’ve murdered a hundred more expectations.
I’ve murdered thousands of opportunities.
I’ve murdered a thousand more dreams.
But I’m still here…
So let’s look at the flip side…
I’ve murdered death a dozen times…because I’m still alive.
I’ve murdered jail a dozen more times…and now I’m free.
I’ve murdered failure hundreds of times…and I’ll do it again, because that’s how you succeed.
I’ve murdered stereotypes a hundred more times…because I’m still doing me.
I’m going to murder the game a thousand times…because I’ll never stop hustling.
I’m going to murder a thousand more haters and doubters…just watch me you’ll see.
I’m a motherfucking murderer…
And so are you…
You see what I mean.

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Mike Alonzo

I'm a father, first and foremost. Writer, blogger, business graduate and online hustler. The hustle never ends for me, neither should it for you!

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