My New Focus On A Less Negative Life

It’s easy to get caught up in negativity. Nothing new, the news and the media make a living off of it. I remember Gretchen Rubin mentioned in her book The Happiness Project how people remember the negative interactions with others more than the positives. Or the effects from a negative altercation lasts longer than a positive one. Something to that affect. And I’ve seen it in myself a lot lately. Just looking through my Facebook feed at times gets my blood running high. So I’ve decided to try something new. And this is it, my new focus on a less negative life!
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How Do I Take My Focus Off The Negativity?

Well, I can’t do it all the time, as my attention will shift towards whatever grabs it. However once there, I can recognize it, and move away from it. So let’s go back to the Facebook feed for example. I just have to let shit go. Move forward, and realize people are just people. Also, less news. Television and especially the media, all they want to tell you is how bad things are going. They aren’t journalists anymore. There’s not much of them left anyways. They’re just an extension of the government. Always an agenda. This recent presidential election is a great example of that. All they speak of is doom. Same with the politicians. People talking about how bad things have gotten, and I realized, what the fuck are they talking about? This is the best time to be alive in this country. So that was an eye opener as well. That to take my focus off the negativity I have to be a smart consumer of what I of what I invest my emotions and energy into.
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Taking My Focus Off The Negativity Does Not Equate To Becoming Ignorant

To expand on the last line from the last paragraph, I am not going to ignore what’s going on around me and in the world. However I will only change what I invest my emotions and energy into. You must pick your battles, as to fight them all will be your downfall. I’m old enough now I know which challenges I subscribe to, which battles I want to fight. And I also know that will evolve over time, depending on so many different circumstances. Just thinking about how much this one little action or paradigm shift is going to change my life is very exciting. My day to day just like anyone else, is affected by the my mindset. And negativity is like a slow drip, metastasizing into every aspect of my life. So it’s time to cut the chord, and spend more time in the positive quadrant.
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Placing My Focus On Those Things Which Are Positive

Life can make turn the bubbliest, happiest child into a cynic if given enough time and the right circumstances. It’s unfortunate, and it makes you feel for the kids. However you and I are those same kids. I’ve decided to place more focus on those things which are positive. That way I have less energy and time to focus on what is negative. Especially in terms of the media I consume. When I go to YouTube I’m looking at travel videos, and food channels. And I’m spending less time in the tragedy we call news. This is just to further what I’ve relayed in the previous paragraphs, about being a smart consumer as to what I spend my time, energy and emotions on!


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There is one last realization I made the other day. When you get groups of people together, talking and connecting, you realize how good life can be, how good life is. Television, social media, etc. tend to blow shit up, way out of proportion. Yes, bad things happen in life, and there are some sick fucks out there. And of course groups of people can easily be persuaded to do evil and stupid things. But that’s life. Gotta take the good with the bad and spend more energy and emotion on the positives. Be as free possible, that’s my new motto. It won’t be easy, again daily life has a way of taking it’s toll on you. However a conscious effort will only lend towards helping my situation. The hustle never ends for me, and that’s a positive; I hope it doesn’t end for you, until this world takes us. I’ll holla at y’all soon, deuces!


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