Late Night Hustle

My Late Night Hustle

I’m on it right now. My late night hustle that is. I was discussing with my father earlier the different jobs that have the best work/income balance. I listened to him (he was reading off a blog post), and I just kept thinking, no, no no. I wouldn’t want any of those jobs, except the web design one, that would be up my alley. But still, I wouldn’t want a job, not for long. I want a business. I’m doing that now, it just really isn’t a business until it’s making enough to make ends meet. Which is why I’m still up, why I’m on my late night hustle.

What Is My Late Night Hustle

Well, this right here is one of them. Putting out this blog post is a hustle. But I won’t lie, I would do it for free, I enjoy it that much. But the biggest part of my hustle is the LEARNING aspect of it all. Hands on learning to be exact. I’ve learned that you need to just take action, jump in and just do it. Nike all day if you know what I mean. For me anyways, that’s what works best. That’s how I learn. I could study all day, but until I actually take part in what I’m studying, I won’t get very far. That’s why I’m on my late night hustle as we speak, because doing for me is the same as learning.

Are You Partying Or Are You Hustling?

Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with a little partying every now and then. I honestly don’t do it anymore, but again, nothing wrong with it. However, I do see something wrong with those who wonder why they aren’t were they want to be, yet they are out there partying instead of on their grind, on their hustle. Their late night hustle to be exact. Gary Vaynerchuck made a good point, about the 7pm – 2am. You have to get your sleep, but there can be a lot of work done at that time. Now, a lot of y’all playing a different type of game can attest to that, but in this stage of my life, I’m playing the game that for the most part won’t get me caught up.

How Do I Start My Late Night Hustle You May Ask?

Well just like anything you start it right now, no questions or thought behind it. For those looking to do what I’m trying to do, which is make money online, particularly through blogging, e-commerce, etc. well you have to CREATE something, build something. Whether that be products, content, your personal brand, you have to do it, just do it, and do it now. Brainstorming helps. At the same time you may not know exactly what you want to create, but by simply buying a website, learning how to design it, etc., you will be DOING, you will be taking action, and over time you will figure out what it is exactly you want to be CREATING!


In the end, if you build it, THEY WILL COME. And when they do, that’s when you’ll see the money start rolling in. Somehow, someway, as long as you get people to engage, to follow you and your content/products, you will always have a way to make money. So while you’re up reading this, go ahead and get your Late Night Hustle On!

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