I Just Saw My Wife On Tinder And I Swiped…

So this is a bit awkward. I just saw my wife on Tinder and I swiped… Before I get into which direction I swiped let me give you a backdrop. I’m 33, she’s 27. We have an amazing 6 year old together. Oh and we’re not really “together” anymore.

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So We Are Separated But We Are Still Technically Married

It was funny actually. Okay, it kind of hurt too. I know we aren’t together anymore but I was still shocked to see her profile while swiping through Tinder. I won’t lie, I was a bit upset. Hypocritical I know, since you know exactly what I was doing on Tinder. And though we’ve been separated almost two years, like I said we are still married. We filed for divorce last year, but we have not received any word from the state as to the status of that application. Either way, I still love the woman. She just doesn’t feel the same way towards me.
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So What Went Through My Mind When I Saw My Wife On Tinder

Again, at first I got a bit jealous. The idea of her out there with other dudes, I don’t know why… I don’t like it. It’s hypocritical I know. I’ve been dating other girls (not a lot) since the break up. I’ve been on Tinder for some time. Still, there are moments where I feel like maybe she and i will work it out again. Then something like this happens, and I see my wife on Tinder. Ex-wife, whatever. Well, I swiped right in case you were curious. And guess what, I know what she swiped too.
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I Swiped Right When I Saw My Ex-Wife On Tinder And She Swiped…

So the next day I saw her. We see each other often, as I said we have a child together. Also she still cuts my hair once a week (I keep my hair short), to this day. So while she was cutting my hair I said, “I saw you on Tinder last night.” She replied, “I saw you too.” Then I said, “Did you swipe right?” She emphatically said, “NO”. That’s that I guess (lol). So, she swiped left. And I swiped right. As you and anyone else who uses Tinder knows, that’s NOT a match. Oh well, time to move forward.
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I know I should have moved forward a long time ago. It’s weird though, because there are at times moments of affection. I don’t know anymore honestly I get confused. However this recent incident has put things in perspective for me. Just MOVE THE FUCK ON. Going back and forth like this is not good for me, her or our little one. Seeing my wife (ex-wife) on tinder and swiping right, well it happens. I told her I swiped right, she gave the impression she would always swipe left on me! Anyways, the hustle never ends for me, financially, in life, and in love. It goes on, just like everything else, and so will I. For those in a similar predicament, so should you. ‘Til next time, deuces!

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