What Is A Hustler In 2016 & Beyond
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I think it’s important to redefine what is a hustler in 2016 and beyond. The word hustler gets thrown around (just like many other words) to mean so many different things to so many different people. So for those on my blog and in this hustle game with me let’s discuss what being a hustler means to us!


The Old Perception Of A Hustler

There are many of those who perceive a hustler as a swindler, a scammer, and so on and so forth. There are those who see a hustler as a nickel and dimmer, a ramen noodle pusher in prison, making a quarter off interest (lol). And there are those who see that as petty, weak or small time. I beg to differ. Everyone’s hustle has to start somewhere. I believe the old definition of what is a hustler equates to someone less than. Or that is the perception I mean. Someone who is doing so much for so little.
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What Is A Hustler Really In 2016 And Beyond

A hustler in my view, and I feel as though many of y’all who follow this blog share the same view, is someone who works hard, but prioritizes working smart. That means a hustler in 2016 knows when to put in the work and does so when necessary. However the modern day hustler is always brainstorming smarter and more effective ways to get the job done. This all ties in with what I personally am trying to accomplish here. Which is create a lifestyle, make a living in the most efficient way. By efficient I mean allowing myself to have the best balance of money, time and quality of life.


What Is A Hustler Looking For In 2016 And Beyond

To each his own. We all have our particular or peculiar wants, desires, and needs. However what is a hustler looking for in 2016 and beyond? I believe in general we are all looking for freedom. The freedom to live our lives how we see fit. A lot of that has to do with money and time. Also we have to understand freedom is a man made concept, because we are bound by the laws of physics and nature. How free are we really, well that’s a topic for another discussion. However I personally see freedom as not having to worry about money. I see my personal freedom as making money online, making money while I sleep, and doing it on my terms. We can all do it. That’s what a hustler is in 2016 and beyond.



So what is a hustler in 2016 and beyond? One who offers his/her services, talents, knowledge, etc. in new and exciting ways. Ways that allow him/her to make money and at the same time ENJOY life. And we hustle our way towards that dream lifestyle by putting in the work and creating something. Something that will later generate money on its own. This blog is a great example. I’m doing something I am passionate about, care about yet can and will make me money. Right now I’m putting in crazy hours now, setting up something that will allow me to make more money and have more time in the future. The hustle never ends, not for me and neither should it for you!
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