How To Dropship In 2017 And Beyond
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I’m going to lay out a simple yet effective plan for you so you can dropship in 2017 and beyond! Learning how to dropship in 2017 and beyond is not hard at all. It will take some discipline though, and paying close attention to what you are doing. However if you follow this layout you will be making money online and on your terms sooner than you might think!
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The Blueprint For How To Dropship In 2017 And Beyond

It starts off rather simply actually. You need to come up with a niche. This can be a one product niche such as selling bottles of Eucalyptus Honey. Or it can be expanded a little more such as selling a variety of different types of honey. Whatever the case may be, it all starts with RESEARCH. After you’ve done your research, it is time to get your website up and running. Of course once you’ve registered your website you must customize it, design it and fill it with products. And to fill it with products you need to find a supplier, or your dropshipper! Finally in this blueprint for dropshipping and e-commerce selling, you need to ADVERTISE your site. Basically you need to get traffic, before you can ever get a sale.
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So Let’s Start With How To Research For Your Dropship Business

The best place to start is right here on your laptop or mobile device. Go to Google Trends, Ebay, and Amazon and see what is selling and trending online! Be specific in what you decide on. Don’t make the mistake that most people make which is trying to sell EVERYTHING! Check out the products, are they seasonal, will they sell all year round, etc. These are all things to consider. Most importantly, pinpoint your exact target audience. Once you know your target audience, and as long as you always cater to them, you will hardly sway onto the side of error.
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Where To Get Your E-Commerce Website & Hosting

Now there are tons and tons of options out there for setting up your online store. So much so, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out which option is best. You have Volusion, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, the list goes on! And quite frankly every one of those options and others not mentioned are GREAT choices. I personally use both Shopify on some of my online stores and WooCommerce on others. But like I said, they are all excellent, I’ve tried many of them and it just comes down to preference, so pick one and move forward!
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Now You Need To Set Up Your Store

Once you’ve decided on your selling platform it is time to set it up. A few tips on the design of your website. One major one is keep it simple. Minimalist design is popular for a reason. It allows your product(s) to take center stage. People are easily distracted and you want them focused on shopping, nothing else. Next, all white backgrounds also help to let your products shine. And of course, you want a well flowing color scheme. Check out Canva for some ideas. Now a lot of these platforms make it so easy to design your website. I have step by step tutorials on YouTube for those of y’all just starting off and need some direction. You may find a little more difficulty when designing your WordPress site with WooCommerce, but again my channel and this blog provides step by step tutorials for both WordPress & Shopify stores.
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Next We Need To Find Your Supplier

So just as there are a ton of platforms out there to create your online store, there are also plenty of suppliers for your dropshipping needs. I mainly use Oberlo for my dropshipping needs as it allows me to search through thousands of suppliers and a wide range of products on AliExpress and automate the importing of those products into my store. I also use Printful for my custom design t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Now there are plenty of other drop shipping platforms out there and I highly suggest you checking them out through your own research. However the two platforms I just mentioned are a great way to get started.
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Finally We Must Get The Word Out On Your Store

Have you heard the philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” I’m quite certain it still makes a sound, just as your store is still a store regardless if people know about it. The problem is it won’t be a store for too long if it stays unknown! So a good way to get started in advertising is using Facebook Ads. You want to make sure and create a Facebook Page, separate from your personal profile. Be sure to bookmark this site as I will be coming out with a Facebook Ads Tutorial soon. Once you find an ad that works on Facebook, send it over to Google Adwords! Set up an account there and create similar ads that were successful in your Facebook campaign. Also check out the Google Keyword Planner to help you pick the best keywords for your campaigns and SEO strategies. Some free ways to help boost visits is creating a regular posting blog, asking friends and family to share your store, and to work with influencers.
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It may seem daunting at first starting your own dropship business. However if you follow this blueprint, stick with it and master each element you will find success. Learning how to dropship in 2017 and beyond is just like anything else. It takes effort, proper gauging of expectations, and a lot of practice. Dropshipping is still very much in full swing and is still a very profitable way to earn passive income online. Remember that the hustle never ends, not for me and neither should it for you!

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