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This is part one of an ongoing series on how to build an online store. Each post will cover a different part of this series, everything from the creation and launch of your online store on through to getting traffic, advertising and linking to social media and everything in between. I will have a video at the bottom of each section of this series so you can follow if you prefer that to reading.

Getting Started

In this first section of the “How To Build An Online Store” tutorial I will show you step by step how to create your own online store and be up and running in less than 10 minutes! Your store will have products (even if you don’t have any), and you can literally make money as soon as you launch your store, without shipping a single product!
1. Go to and click GET STARTED on the upper right hand corner. Then follow the on-screen instructions by filling out your e-mail address, password and store name. Don’t overthink the store name as you can always change the name later.
2. After filling out your information Shopify will ask you a few questions such as whether you are new to e-commerce, if you are using other platforms, etc. These answers don’t really matter, the only one that does is at the very bottom there is a place to check whether you are a developer creating this site for a client. DO NOT CHECK that spot unless you are a developer. And if you are a developer, you probably don’t need this post to help you lol.
3. Once you’ve completed the questions, your personal info and all that good shit your store is READY! You will be sent straight to your control panel!
4.Next you want to get the Oberlo App. Download that app and run it. Now you also might want to unlock the store front, it’s up to you. However I go ahead and do it as really no one is going to be up on your site, not yet anyways. And when you do that you will pick a plan and fill out your credit card info. Again, you have a 14 day free trial for Shopify and a 30 day free trial for Oberlo. So you won’t be paying anything until the trial is over. You can always cancel before the trial is over and you won’t be charged a single penny!
5.Now that you have Oberlo installed you need to head over to Ali Express. Your Oberlo extension should be installed already into your browser. Now that you are on Ali Express, search for the items you want to sell. Based on your niche, there can be a large variety of items, or just a few. However what you want to look for are items priced low so you can make a profit off it. Also you want to make sure the items you import through Oberlo are surrounded by a green box, or green lining and state clearly that they ship free to U.S. with E-Packet. Any of those items are good to go and will have your store stocked with products ready to make you money now!
6. After you’ve chosen your products you will head back to your Shopify control center, go to apps and then go to Oberlo. Once in the Oberlo app you will find a symbol of a tag pointing up. Hover over it and choose the option to import list. Now this is important. You don’t want to just push all products to shop right away. You want to change the prices accordingly depending on what you’ve calculated is the best price for you to sell your items and still make a profit. Also you want to spruce up the description as well as correct the variants, such as size, etc. Ali Express products, t-shirts and apparel in particular are in smaller sizes than U.S. sizes, so you have to fix them accordingly. Google U.S. shirt sizes charts, etc. to use as a guide. Once you have fixed up each product correctly you can push them to shop as you finish each one respectively.
7. Now you want to double check your products in the products section of the control panel. Make sure everything is correct. If they are now let’s go to Customize Theme after clicking the Online Store tab. Here you will see all the options on the left which are pretty self-explanatory. They will show you were to upload images for your header, and so on and so forth. You can style how your products show up on your site as well. I suggest having products on the front page, with not too much fluff and distraction. Send customers straight to what they’re looking for. Have all your products on the front page, or the majority of them anyways.
Now your store is set and good to go! You can start selling right now. On the next section we will go over what shipping rates, tax rates etc. you should put on your store. Also we want to spruce things up a bit, polish the site here and there, add some pages, and generate privacy policies, terms of conditions, and all that good shit.

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