How I Made $40 in 1 Hour on Fiverr

How I Used Fiverr To Make $40 In One Hour

I’ve spoken before about how I use Fiverr to make a little extra cash on the side. In the bigger scheme of things I personally am only using Fiverr in the short term. I would not want to base my business of of it, they take too much of your profits, and take too long to actually send over the cash. With that being said, if you want an easy way to make money, with NO STARTUP capital, and NO ADVERTISING FEES, I suggest you start with Fiverr.

How I Made $40 in 1 Hour On Fiverr

For those who have never used Fiverr before, you can create your own “gigs” or project offers, and charge what you feel your services are worth. $5 is the usual starting price, hence the name, Fiverr. I created a basic gig for $5 which is modeling someone else’s products, taking a picture of me with that product, then sending that picture to the purchaser. I put an upgrade on that gig and for $55 I take pictures, videos, testimonials, and share them on my own social sites.

How I Made $40 in Only 1 Hour Of Work

Once that gig was purchased I got to work. I asked a friend to take a couple pictures of me holding the purchaser’s product (which he sent to me before placing the actual order). I then used my phone to record myself giving video testimonials, talking about the item, what I like about it, etc. I went on to send these photos and videos to the purchaser, and also shared them on my social accounts. And then I got paid $55 for the gig, which after Fiverr took their cut, was $44. That’s how I made 40 bucks in under an hour.

The Product - 2 Kickballs with the faces of Clinton & Trump
The Product – 2 Kickballs with the faces of Clinton & Trump
I posted this pic on my social sites of over 5,000 followers
I posted this pic on my social sites of over 5,000 followers
Not bad for $40. It's a's a hustle
Not bad for $40. It’s a start…it’s a hustle


In the end, it was easy money. But it took previous work to set up. It took previous work to have a large enough social media following for purchasers to take me seriously. It took work to set up my reputation on Fiverr as someone you can trust to make a good project for. Your rep is everything on that site, so I did a bunch of jobs previously that were NOT worth the $5 I earned ($4 actually after being taxed by Fiverr), but they paid off for the big gigs such as this, that were easy to do, but earned substantially more per time worked.
And that’s what this entire blog The Hustle Never Ends is about. Me, putting in work now, BUILDING SOMETHING, that will generate income almost all on it’s own, or in a manner where in I only put in a few hours a week, and the money rolls in. But in the time building up to it, I will have to put in OVERTIME, hours upon hours, to create it. Hey…the hustle never ends baby.

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