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Although you and I are selling products of our own online we, are also consumers who enjoy other products as well. In this online hustle the equipment and gear we use is just as important as what we do online. The right laptop, the right camera, down to the bags that carry them and even the clothes we sport play their part. So I thought it only fitting to share with y’all this year’s holiday swag. So let’s get into.


A Breakdown Of What I Got This Holiday 2016

This list of my 2016 holiday swag will include mostly items bought for me, and one or two I bought myself. Those who got my swag this year know I’m all about the online hustle. They know my livelihood revolves around my laptop, the internet, and building my online presence! So they knew to get me gifts based around this premise. First off I got a Moleskine Calendar/Planner. I LOVE MOLESKINE! I also got a Tenba bag, and they make some of the BEST messenger/laptop/photography bags! Also received this year was the book, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. And finally, I purchased for myself the brand new 2016 MacBook Pro from Apple (without touchbar).
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My New Moleskine Calendar Planner

Moleskine creates some of the most creative and beautiful paper products around. From notebooks, to calendars, to journals, diaries and pens, Moleskine has everything you need to put your creative ideas on paper. I’ve said it many times before, I love writing on notebooks because it allows you to better focus your creativity and better recall the memory of your ideas. The Calendar/Planner I received is amazing! It’s perfectly designed, with a full fledged calendar for the first some odd pages. Then there is a week by week calendar, each one being on the left side, and space to write notes on the right side! It’s bound together by a soft, yet durable material (I think it’s leather, or something close to) and feels amazing in your hand!
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The Tenba DNA 13 Bag

This bag from Tenba just LOOKS like money. You know you get some bags from Amazon, or other places, the lower priced ones, and they have a somewhat cheaper feel to them. That is not the case with any Tenba bags! The DNA 13 is the most stylish messenger/laptop bag I’ve ever seen, held, touched, felt or tasted (well I didn’t taste it, but you know what I mean). It has a pull out compartment for a DSLR & a couple lenses. It is also well padded and provides a perfect fit for my 13.3″ laptop. Zippers, pockets, spacing, everything is just placed so well, you know that a lot of thought went into designing this thing! It makes me feel like a true, modern day blogger. A true, modern day HUSTLER!
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The Book The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is the perfect book for me, you and anyone else in business, or on their own online hustle journey. I haven’t finished it yet, I’ve just barely started it, however I can tell you this book focuses on epidemics and that specific “tipping point”. For entrepreneurs such as you and I this is an excellent read. It helps us to better understand how FAST an idea, behavior, product, etc. can catch on and become an “epidemic”. This is exactly what we want to happen to our blog, our niche site or our e-commerce business!
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The 2016 MacBook Pro

This brand new MacBook Pro is so cool! I love the keyboard as it’s chiclet style allows me to type even faster than I already do! It also feels good. It’s very thin, stylish looking and I love the Space Gray color! On top of that it’s only a year newer than my Early 2015 MacBook Air, but it is significantly faster and more powerful. As a fellow (or aspiring) online hustler you understand that life revolves around our laptop! So having the right one is very important. This laptop is fast, powerful and it looks and feels great when using.
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I got some cool holiday swag this 2016. Swag that will help me with my online hustle, and keep me on point for years to come! Again, it is important to have the gear that not only works best for you but also makes you feel at your best! I feel as though 2016 has been very good to me, and this holiday swag at the end of it only reinforced that feeling. I hope y’alls swag was as enjoyable and useful as mine. Either way, you know for me the hustle never ends. I’m assuming it’s the same for you. Until next time, deuces!
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