Gaining My Daughter’s Trust Back

I lost my daughter’s trust in me some time ago. I hurt her, not physically, but certainly emotionally. I was gone, locked up for a year and a half and she was 3 and eventually 4 years old during this time. She couldn’t comprehend why her father would leave. Why her father was gone! It crushed me, everyday I was behind bars. This wasn’t my first time locked up, but it was my first time locked up while having a daughter. It was my first time locked up with someone out there who actually looked up to me, loved me, and “needed” me. And when I came out, as anyone else who’s been away from their kid for sometime knows, it wasn’t an easy transition. Gaining my daughter’s trust back, her faith in me back, would take some time.
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Did I See My Daughter While I Was Away

This was a unique situation. I was locked up abroad. Prior to this I had spent all my incarcerated days at institutions within the United States…within Texas to be exact. However my time locked up abroad was in a place were visitation was extremely limited. So that entire time I was locked up, I only got to see her once. And that was after being there for a year and 12 months. Thinking about it now, I feel as though I never have a right to be upset with her, or to tell her what to do. However I know that’s not good for me, nor her so I don’t do that. And I’m usually in the moment so I’m not reflecting the way I am now. However, again, I only saw her once, and that played a huge role in how she felt about me when I cam back.
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What It Was Like When I Got Out

As always happens when I first get out of lock up, and many others can relate, I felt institutionalized. I was molded into a certain mindset, feeling, attitude, etc. That’s the after effects of lock up. I didn’t know how to act in the real world, it happens, every time. This time around was better than before, but still, same feeling. It was different though, because I now had a daughter. And I know it was weird for her at first. She must have felt excited to see me, at the same time scared. I had been gone for so long, and she was of course upset with the fact that I “left” her. I left her, let me take out the quotations. Because it was my fault I put myself in that situation to begin with. So at first we were walking on eggshells with each other, feeling each other out. Eventually though her anger and distrust would become quite evident.
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My Daughter Was Obviously Angry With Me

And for good reason. Still I felt those feelings of hurt every time she snapped at me, looked at me a certain way, etc. What hurt the most was how close she was to her mother, and how she wasn’t the same way with me. Before going in, we were like best friends. She was daddy’s little girl. Coming back home, I could see the distrust, the hurt in her, and how she subconsciously wanted me to feel it as well. I don’t blame her, again it was my fault I got locked up. However when you’re in the moment you can’t help but feel upset with the situation. My thoughts would consist of “how do I fix this?”, “will it always be like this?”, etc., etc. Fast forward a year later to 2015, and her anger and distrust would still come out in her voice and in her actions. And I would get frustrated because I was hoping for a quick fix. There is no quick fix. It takes time.
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Finally Gaining My Daughter’s Trust Back And How Good It Feels To Be Where We Are Now

Like I said, it takes time. There really is no quick fix. It is near the end of 2016, and finally, finally I’ve gained my daughter’s trust back. There are still moments were I feel as though little bits of resentment or old feelings show through in the way she talks or acts when she’s upset with me. However she respects my instructions now. I can feel the love, and she is extremely sweet to me now. I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Others, such as her mother, my parents, my friends, we all see the difference. So after 2 years, things have finally smoothed out. And it’s the best feeling in the world.
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In the end, I was able to gain my daughter’s trust back, her faith in me back, through time. Time where in I didn’t give in to the temptation to just give up. Time where in I made it a point to improve on myself. I made sure that my personal growth was priority number one. And I did that through a conscious effort of working on my health, fitness, temperament, behaviors, and habits. And my daughter was the inspiration behind it all. She is the reason I’ve changed. I tell her this and I mean it every time I say it…she saved my life. And I’m going to make sure she knows how much I love her and what she means to me, every single day. It’s why I do what I do. This is why I hustle, because I want her and I (you have to focus and improve yourself before you can improve the relationships you have with others) to have the best life possible. I want to be that father that is always present, physically, mentally and emotionally. And that means earning money through this passive income/online lifestyle. Time & Money. Call me greedy, but I’m busting my ass to make sure WE have both! The hustle never ends for me…I hope it never ends for you..’til next time, deuces!
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