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A lot of readers and viewers have been asking me “How do I fulfill my Oberlo order on Shopify?”. I wanted to follow up from my post/video about Building An Online Store Through Shopify Using Oberlo by answering this question. For those who want to set up this drop shipping business now, click that link and you can set up your store in less than ten minutes. Once your store is set up you can come back to this post and see how to use Oberlo. I will go over what you do when an order comes in, how you verify it and fulfill it. Remember in this drop shipping business you don’t have to ship anything yourself, but you have to make a couple clicks to make sure the manufacturer sends the product out to your customer.


What You Will See When An Order Comes In

First off, you should be excited when you see an order come through. That means there’s interest in your products, and your store. That means if one person bought something, there are hundreds, even thousands of people out there who would be willing to shell out cash for what you’re selling. However just because you see an order come through, does not mean your product will automatically ship to your customer. There are a couple clicks you have to make. So from your Shopify dashboard you will go onto your Oberlo App in the Apps section.
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Once You Are In Your Oberlo Dashboard

You will now need to hover over the paper symbol on the left and click on “Orders”. For each order you will follow the following process. First click on the Action Scroll Down Button (in light blue). From there press the “Order Button” link (also in light blue). Once you press this button sit back, relax and watch Oberlo do it’s thing. The only thing you may have to do is login to your AliExpress account if you are not already logged in. Other than that Oberlo will fix all the details for you and you will then be brought to the order confirmation screen.
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Verifying All Your Customer’s Info

Now this is very important. You want to go back to your Oberlo app and check the shipping address provided by your customer. Check that against the info Oberlo automatically put into your AliExpress Order. Once you have confirmed all the info, press the orange “Save & Ship To This Address” button. You will then scroll to the bottom and click the orange “Confirm And Pay Button”. From there, you it will take you to the completion screen. You have one last step. Click on the link that says, “Ali Order No.” or “Order No.”. Copy that order number, and go back to your Oberlo App. On that same order, click on the pencil/paper symbol across from the words, “Ali Order Number” and paste your order number into there. Press Save.



And that is it my friend. A few clicks, a few minutes of your time, but you just got paid! And you didn’t have to do any heavy lifting. No shipping, no packaging, no hassle. You are the hookup, the retailer, I don’t want to use the word middle man, because you’re more than that. You’re the guy that connected these two parties that were looking for each other in the first place, but weren’t able to until you came along! Keep getting it hustler, because the hustle never ends for me, and neither should it for you!


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