I’m Finally Finding Success In My Latest E-Commerce Project

My latest e-commerce project is an online hoodie shop where in I’m finally finding success in the e-commerce game. It’s proof because I’ve been able to narrow down my niche. Also, I’ve learned from my first FAILED e-commerce site. I personally use Shopify for my e-commerce platform. It’s a great platform, used by over 150,000 stores! People from 50 Cent to Shark Tank personality Daymond John use Shopify. I discuss more why it is such a great e-commerce platform in my post How To Build An Online Store.
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Let’s Talk About My First E-Commerce Site And Why It Failed

I want to tell you about my first e-commerce site and why it failed so you know what NOT to do when venturing into the online shopping game. My first site was a fitness apparel store. There was my first failure right there, picking an extremely oversaturated niche. Now I’m not saying it can’t be done, but if you’re like me, starting off small, it’s a hard market to crack. My next mistake was I didn’t focus on one particular product. I was throwing a bunch of different products into the store, with no real solid theme holding everything together aside from fitness apparel. You see when picking a niche and products to sell, I’ve found there is a certain sweet spot. It can’t be too general, and of course it can’t be overly specific to the point that the market is too small or non-existent. My first shop was too general.
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So What Is Different About This New E-Commerce Site

First off let me tell you after two and a half weeks open my new e-commerce site imsohoodie.com already has 4 sales. My first e-commerce site went almost 3 months with absolutely NO SALES, before I finally shut it down. My first e-commerce site I went all out, bought an expensive theme for the online store, spent a lot on logos, advertising, etc. And again, got absolutely nothing in return. My second e-commerce site I just happened to be browsing products one day and I came across one where I just KNEW I had found something special. Something unique. Now that’s not enough, so I did my research. Checked what was trending and if this product actually was in demand. And it was. I based my store around this much more specific product and niche! And it paid off!
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A Few Other Things That Have Made This Site Much More Successful

First off I have to let you know that this site just like my last site is a Drop Shipping site. That means I don’t actually hold products and ship them out myself. The manufacturer I use sends them straight to the customer. You can check out this video to learn more about drop shipping and how you can have a drop ship store up and running in about 10 minutes! Now what else is different is I didn’t buy a fancy website theme like I had in my previous store. What I did do though is spend more time picking the right colors for this niche/store. Canva.com was my main source for picking the right colors. Also, when creating my Facebook Ad I spent more time researching the best audience for these products. Stay tuned for a future post on how I do my Facebook Advertising.
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In the end I would say learn from my mistakes. Spend your money wisely. Be patient. Spend more time really researching your niche and picking the right product(s) to sell. Especially if you are getting into the drop shipping game, and not creating your own products to sell. Now if you already have an idea, like you’ve come up with customized aprons, or something unique like that, by all means go for it, you can make that work. However if you’re starting up with nothing like I was, and have no products of your own, you must do your research, check out places like Google Trends and E-bay Trends to see what’s in demand. Also just search your Amazon site/app and see what’s popular. And most importantly check out the one tool that made all of this possible for me and thousands of other entrepreneurs such as yourself, The Oberlo App.

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