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So I just wanted to give y’all a quick update on my Ebay Hustle. Thus far my revenues are $420.00, but is a guaranteed $650.00. That’s because the item I’m waiting on funds for is still being bid on, but it’s a guaranteed “sold item”. With that being said I spent a total of $2,040.00 for this hustle. Let me frame that correctly, I INVESTED (lol) 2k, and so far I’ve made back $650.00 within a week. Now for that $650.00 worth of products sold, I spent around $430.00 for those products alone. So if all goes according to plan, so far I’ve netted a profit of around $220.00. If all my major items sell properly, I should net a profit of around $600 – $800.

Not bad for a little side hustle, that was actually a lot more fun than expected. I basically got to shop for the coolest shit, albeit I don’t get to keep it. Although I’d love to hold onto that Xbox and Nikon Camera! Anyways, check out the screen shots and video below. I’ll have a post up with more details upon the completion of this Ebay Hustle! Check out where it all started on my post The Ebay Hustle.

Day 2 of Shopping
Day 2 of Shopping

img_0653The GoPro’s are a hot item!!!
img_1737So is this GoPro alternative from Sony!
img_1740This Philips DVD Player sold immediately, and netted a $50 profit!

img_1782Day 3 of shopping!



Items sold within a week of posting!


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