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It’s been said many times you should do what you love. Well, I’ll say for a long time I loved getting fucked up, and hey I was pretty good at it too. Doing what you love is great, if you’re doing that more power to you. However what you should focus on doing is what you’re GOOD at. Now I may have been good at partying, but that’s not something you’re “good at”. What I mean is there was no actual talent needed for that. But when you do find something you’re good at, that’s what you do because that in the end is what you WILL love.
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How To Figure Out What You’re Good At

I don’t want you to get confused with this post. You very much should love your life and the majority of what you are doing or else why do it right? However the primary goal is to go after what you’re good at. Actual happiness and actually “doing what you love” and maintaining that means doing things you don’t always love but it leads to a life that overall is lived “doing what you love”. You’ll know you are doing what you are good at when you see it. It doesn’t mean you were good at it at first or off top. No, it means that you were willing to get good at it. Or better yet it means the potential to be good at it was already there for you. Growing up I really wanted to be an NBA champion one day. But I wasn’t GOOD at basketball, not that good anyways. I’m good at talking (ironically I’m also anti-social). I’m good at laying words down on paper or better yet on screen. So good in fact that even though I wasn’t “that good” at it (do you know what I’m saying), I knew how good I could be.
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So What Are You Good At

To continue what I was saying in the previous paragraph, although I wasn’t that good at writing yet or blogging per se, I was so willing to get good at it, that it proved just how GOOD I was at it. Because if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t be here where I am now. I wouldn’t still be blogging. I would have kept trying, just like I did in basketball as a kid, until I came to that point that I realized, hey this is not for me. Not for a career anyways. Again, don’t get confused you should do the things you love, like play ball, or critique movies on your blog, but don’t expect to make a career out of something you love without also being GOOD at it.
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In the end you may be seeing a lot of articles out lately telling you DON’T do what you love, DO what you’re good at. I agree, but under certain conditions. Everything is conditional. And there are no absolutes (which makes the earlier statement a paradox). But when it comes to a career and making a living, yes you should LOVE what you’re doing, but your primary goal should be doing something you’re good at it. When you do that everything else will fall in line. You will more than likely LOVE what you’re doing, because fuck, you’re good at it! Also because you’re good at it you’ll be getting paid accordingly as long as you make the right choices. And if you’re getting paid well (not just financially but in terms of quality of life), then the more you’ll LOVE what you do.

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