Cruising Through Miami, Key West & Cozumel

So I’ve been gone for a bit and that’s because I’ve been cruising through Miami, Key West & Cozumel. As I had noted in my last post I was taking a much needed vacay”. So I, along with my daughter, brother and parents took a road trip to Miami for Spring Break.

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The Drive From Dallas To Miami

So we started off driving from Dallas to Miami at 4:30 on a Saturday morning. Of course it was still dark out, but excitement got me up easily. We already had the majority of the luggage in the car since the night before, so we hopped in and drove out! We passed through Louisiana, Mississippi and then Alabama. Once in Mobile, as we usually do, we stopped by The Original Oyster House. The food, quality wise and portion wise is amazing. After dinner we trekked along for a few more hours until we made our first hotel stop over in Pensacola, Florida.
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Original Oyster House Food

Arriving In Miami

Waking up early again Sunday morning, after breakfast we continued our long drive to Miami. We would reach Miami later that evening. It was a beautiful site to behold. After checking dinner and checking into our hotel, waking up the next morning is when we saw Miami for all it’s glory. The last time I had been to Miami was in 2000, 17 years ago! It was great to finally visit again. That Monday morning we went straight to South Beach, parking on Collins Avenue in front of the W Hotel. Let me tell you, this place is beautiful and for those hustlers with no limit this is your destination. I’m not one of those, so I didn’t stay there, but I sure as hell visited and took a bunch of pics!
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W & South Beach

Boarding The Carnival Victory Cruise Ship

After enjoying South Beach we drove to our Ship’s dock and got onto the boat! Day one my little girl wanted to go swimming right away, so of course we did! Nothing like sitting in the pool looking out and seeing the Atlantic Ocean along with the Miami skyline as your view! Of course for anyone who has been on a Carnival Cruise, you know what the energy is like. It was electric, exciting and a lot of fun. The only downside was it was Spring Break so double that energy and throw in some drunk and obnoxious college kids and you’ll get the gist. Even with some Spring Breakers being loud and obnoxious, the cruise was still a lot of fun, but I won’t be going on Spring Break again. It’s best to do it during Summer or when college kids are in school. Of course we very much enjoyed ourselves this Spring Break, nothing was going to stop us from doing that!
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On ship with Miami view

Our First Stop After Leaving Miami Was Key West

Key West is a cool little city that is actually the southern most point of the U.S. It reminds me of Catalina Island. However it stays quite a bit warmer in Key West for the most part. Of course we indulged in some Key Lime pie, but we also did a lot of sight seeing and shopping. Oh and without a doubt I took a million pictures, at Key West and throughout the vacay! What I like most about Key West is the way it looks. The houses, the scenery is unique and very cool yet colorful. It’s the image of white picket fences but on an island with lots of palm trees, greenery and different colored houses!
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Key West

My Favorite Stop Was Cozumel, Mexico

I could literally live in Cozumel. It’s close enough to my home base out here in Dallas, yet secluded enough for me to get away from everything and everyone. It’s BEAUTIFUL. The beaches there are so amazing, the people are very friendly and the weather is perfect. My favorite part of the trip was lying on a hammock, sipping on a Corona while watching my daughter build castles in the sand. If that’s not paradise, I don’t know what is. On top of that the food of course was amazing, and nothing beats eating on the beach, with your shirt off and the sun keeping your warm. Again, I will move there someday, it that amazing! Or if anything I’ll buy myself a vacation home in Cozumel!
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Rounding Out The Trip

The third day of the cruise was spent entirely at sea. Our ride back to Miami was choppier than I’ve ever experienced on a cruise ship. My daughter got a little motion sickness, and the rocking threw me off a bit, but all in all it was still a lot of fun. We swam all day, ate too much, bonded as a family and had the time of our lives, as to be expected. We would arrive in Miami the next day, Friday. From there we ventured over to Miami Beach and chilled inside the most famous Miami hotel, the Fontainebleau! After that we went to Ft. Lauderdale and saw how Spring Break is truly done, something I never experienced because I had forgone the University/College right after high school. I was with my family and more specifically my daughter, so I was only a spectator at this “party”. In the evening we checked into our hotel, and the next morning we would start our journey back home. We spent one more night in Pensacola, before arriving back home late Sunday night.
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In the end this was not only a much needed vacay, but a very enjoyable one. It was also a reminder of why I hustle and the possibilities that will arise when I become successful in my ventures. This should remind you as well that this online hustle is a way to financial and LIFE freedom. It is life changing when you start making profits rather than wages. More so it the closest thing to being truly free when you make passive income online, and you have the time to do the things that truly make you happy. It’s back to reality, and back to the hustle. ‘Til the next one, deuces!
fontainebleau hotel

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