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If you’ve been following my online hustle you know that I use Shopify as one of my e-commerce platforms. It is easy to use, extremely powerful and is a great way to break into the e-commerce game. I recently changed my online hoodie shop from Shopify’s basic plan to Lite. Let me divulge into why I have done this.
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The Main Reason I Changed My Plan From Basic To Lite

I changed my Shopify plan from basic to lite mainly because this blog I’m So Hoodie. That’s because I use it in my examples and tutorials here and on my YouTube Channel. I’ve actually jumped in rank by millions over the past couple months, and I want this to continue. When your site starts ranking higher, the opportunity to make money goes up with that.
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Another Reason I Changed My Shopify Plan From Basic To Lite Was To Save Money

Changing to the Shopify Lite plan reduces the monthly rate from $29.00 a month to $9.00 a month. That’s a huge saving over time. Now don’t get me wrong there are downfalls to having just the Lite version. First off people respect a store that is just a store. However as I said before, this blog is growing and having a store on it is more beneficial than not. And though the hoodie shop probably would have done well on it’s own domain, I believe this change maximizes profitability!
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The Most Exciting Reason Why I Changed From Basic To Lite

I have only changed this ONE shop from Basic to Lite. That’s just to make things easier, more profitable but also to allow me to focus on a NEW Shopify Store. I have a huge project that I’m in the middle of creating, where in I am manufacturing and shipping the products myself. I will be using Shopify’s Basic plan, with it’s very own domain, etc. to do this. So don’t think I’m promoting Shopify and not even using their main plans. No, I just so happen to have NUMEROUS Shopify stores, and e-commerce stores (outside of Shopify as well). Be on the lookout for this new store and my FULL COVERAGE of it’s inception, creation, and execution.
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I am not a Shopify affiliate for no reason. I am a true advocate and believer in this platform. Don’t get me wrong there are tons of platforms out there. Really, really good ones at that. However their platform is simple, easy to use, and well established. In the end, it’s really not the platform that matters, as you could easily make a store online with your WordPress site. However Shopify is reliable, and knows their shit. Plain and simple.


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