How Being A Blogger Is Like Being A Musician

This might seem like a stretch at first, but trust me, being a blogger is like being a musician. Not saying I’m a musician, I’m not even good at any instruments. My singing voice is terrible. However as a blogger I know it only takes ONE HIT to make it rich. That’s how being a blogger is like being a musician.
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How One Successful Post Equates To One Successful Billboard Hit

There are so many ways to make money from your blog, it’s actually ill-advised to do them all at the same time. Yes you may experiment at first to figure out which venues you want to stick with. However the key to any of form of financial gains as a blogger is having successful blog posts. Bloggers, just like I, are out here striving to make that one hit that will bring mass amounts of traffic to their site. More so, if you have even just one blog post go viral, that post can make money for you for years to come.
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Links On Your Viral Post Are Similar To Royalty Checks

Artists continue to make money long after retiring because of royalties on their songs. The same goes for bloggers and their blog posts. As long as your links are still valid on your “hit” post, then you’ll continue to make money. And if any of them are not, simply replace the links. That one successful blog post can continually drive traffic to your site. It can continually bring attention to whatever links you want attention to be brought onto. This is a self-rewarding system. That’s why much like a musician a blogger just needs that one major hit to make it!
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There are many ways to be successful as a blogger. You don’t actually need a major hit to make good money from this hustle. That’s another reason why being a blogger is like being a musician. You can make it big with that one hit, you can have a lucrative career even without it. There are some bloggers like some musicians who come out with an overload of content, therefore always being relative. There are some who come out with a hit, others who ALWAYS make a hit. And yet there are even those who do both, make hits and just bust out content regularly. Whatever style works for you, the point is that bloggers are like musicians because both are “artists”. Both are CREATING something, and that’s something we can all appreciate.

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