How To Be More Productive
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How to be more productive is not only a great question, but one asked by many and for good reason. If you were to do a google search for “how to be more productive” you would find thousands of articles with 21 tips to be more productive, or 3 tips to be more productive, etc. etc. Well, I’m going to tell you only 1 THING you can do right now to be more productive.


Why Be More Productive

First off let’s get into why you want to be more productive. Or better put why I the writer here believe you the reader would want to be more productive. One, it will make you more effective and in turn more efficient, or at least give you the potential to do so. Because when we are more productive we are not only getting more accomplished in our day to day, we are subconsciously reminding ourselves of how capable we are. We are building that confidence while building that skill/ability. And when you’re more productive that usually means you’ll be making more money, and you’ll be creating better works of art (depending on what your “art” is”).
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The ONE THING You Can Be Doing Now To Be More Productive

I try my best here on this blog, The Hustle Never Ends, to give you practical advice you can follow right away. So I will give it to you real simple. The ONE THING you can be doing right now to be more productive is WRITE THINGS DOWN. Yes, very true, and again very simple. The simple act of writing things down allows your brain to truly connect to what it is you want accomplished or what it is you are trying to create. That’s just the way we are hardwired. And when I say writing things down I mean just writing. Not using your iPhone notes, or Evernote app, etc. The act of writing something down creates a connection in your mind that can’t be mimicked by a Smartphone.
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How To Write Things Down So You Can Be More Productive

Now that I’ve told you the one thing you can be doing now to be more productive, I will tell you how to execute that one thing. Get yourself a notebook. A handheld one preferably. However it depends on your preference and what you’re comfortable with, and in the end what feels right. You can also get different sized ones depending on the type of “creative” you are. The most important notebook in my opinion though is the handheld one.

This will be the notebook where in every morning you write down what needs to be done for the day (or you can have that planned out the night before). This same handheld notebook will be carried around at all times and is where you will jot down ideas as they pop in your head. And lastly this notebook acts as your checklist at the end of the day or whenever it is you will be checking on what needs to be done. Again, if you try and do this with your phone by the time you remember what you’re doing (if you remember) you’ll have lost precious minutes, checking the constant notifications popping up, and so on and so forth.
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Where To Get A Good Notebook So You Can Be More Productive

There are so many great sources out there for some really nice notebooks it really just Depends on what you’re looking for. I personally get my notebooks from Moleskine. If you haven’t heard of Moleskine, they are the Mercedes Benz of pen and paper productivity. Not so much pricey like Mercedes Benz (though they’re a little up there), but of very high quality. Premium you may say. They pride themselves as being the heir to the legendary notebook used by some of the greatest creatives and thinkers of the past two centuries, i.e. Van Gough, Picasso & Hemingway (very impressive lineup). And they’ve modernized because they offer notebook styles for EVERYONE. All premium and classy looking, yet with styles and skins ranging from executive look, to Superman covers to The Beatles themed notebooks. Don’t just take my word for it, click on the banner below and find out for yourself!
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In the end, it doesn’t matter what brand of notebook you get. From Mead to a practical no-name, to Moleskine, it’s up to you. You can even make your own if you so choose, the important thing is you start writing things down and that you have that notebook accessible at all times. You never know when that next million dollar idea will hit – it could be while you’re walking, taking a shower, or waking up in the middle of the night. Have that notebook with you at all times also because it represents the hustle, your grind! And remember, The Hustle Never Ends.

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