What It’s Like To Be Anti-Social And How I’m Dealing

Lately I’ve been struggling to be social. I figured now was a good time to talk about what it’s like to be anti-social and how I deal with it. There are a couple ways to define what being Anti-Social is. When I refer to being anti-social I am talking about being not sociable; not wanting the company of others.


I See A Correlation Between My Happiness And How Social I Am

I’ve been unhappy lately. Not depressed or anything, but unhappy. And perhaps quite a bit angry. I’ve noticed that when I’m like this, I don’t want to be around people and I don’t want to socialize. Don’t get me wrong I still do what I have to do, I just engage in as little conversation as possible with most people. It’s like a cycle, because the more I disconnect from others the more unhappy I become. And that triggers me to become even more anti-social! What’s worse is that it’s been affecting my productivity. It has lead me into a stump where in the past couple weeks I haven’t done SHIT!
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So Let Me Tell You About This Stump I’ve Been In

It started with a girl. It always does, doesn’t it. Actually not just any girl, but an ex…ex-wife. It’s been long over and if you’ve been following my blog or VLOG you’ll know that we remained good friends. Part of that was out of necessity due to having a child together. The other was due to us both being anti-social and really being the only friends each other has. The problem with that is, and I’ll be straight up, is I started catching feelings again. She has not reciprocated. On top of that my mind has been churning, and I can’t get over the fact that if she was truly loyal, she would have stayed with me, no matter what. I understand it’s unreasonable, but on top of that life would be a bit easier as well. It all makes sense in MY MIND, that if we got back together life would be better.
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I Do Realize I Need To Break Out Of My Comfort Zone

One thing I and most others as well do possess is self awareness. That means I know what needs to be done, or at least how to start, I just haven’t done it. For many of us we KNOW what it takes to change quite a few aspects of our lives. Whether that be our diet, our fitness, our finances, our psyche, etc. It’s that DOING or taking action that is difficult. I KNOW I need to just get out there and socialize with people. I KNOW I need to put this wall done and just be vulnerable. And so I’m going to do JUST THAT. No more staying in this comfort zone. Growth is nowhere to be found there.
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So I know I was a bit all over the place in this post. Like I said I’ve been in a stump, and I started this post in the middle of it. I didn’t finish it until right now, where in I believe I’ve dug myself out of said stump. Again, it’s self awareness. I know what is making me anti-social, and I know what needs to be done to overcome it. Most importantly it’s essential I overcome it in order to achieve my goals. This hustle depends on it. And as you know The Hustle Never Ends.

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