Why I Always Carry A Moleskine Around With Me

A phone can only do so much. That’s why I always carry a Moleskine around with me. I can honestly get my thoughts out clearer with a Moleskine as opposed to say my phone, or tablet.
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What Exactly Is A Moleskine You May Ask

Moleskine is a brand of notebooks, ” bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin.” According to their site, they sell a series of objects for the creativity of the contemporary nomad. And I’ll tell you they do it in an exciting, and sexy way.
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Why I Love Moleskine Notebooks

Just like anything in this world, you can find companies making the same things just as good. I prefer Nike’s but Adidas has shoes just as good, at times less expensive. However just like my shoes, when it comes to my “objects for creativity” I have a preference. I love the attention to detail in the products of Moleskine. Yes, I could save money by buying a cheap, generic notebook or planner. However, it’s these little things that make my day. Something simple like a hardcover on my handheld notebook. The way the leather feels on my Moleskine planner, and specifically the inside of these notebooks are why I’m loyal to this brand.
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How Does Moleskine Notebooks Help With My Creativity And Organization

Well I keep the handheld, hardcover notebook with me at all times. It’s tiny and fits in my pocket, rests perfectly on my bedside, etc. Whenever I have an idea for a Blog Post, a YouTube Video, etc. I jot it down on this very handy notebook. It’s quick and easy, and devoid of distraction as opposed to say my iPhone. I stay organized and plan my day to day with the Calendar/Planner. I have EVERYTHING in front of me when adjusting, creating, or reviewing my weekly schedule. There is also a place to jot notes, and trust me when you’re a “creative”, this helps tremendously! Not just for bloggers and vloggers, but anyone who wants to be more organized with their thoughts, and let their creativity flow better. I love my Moleskine, and you will too!

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