Mike Alonzo


Hello and welcome to my personal, lifestyle and tutorial blog. I'm Mike Alonzo, an online hustler, marketer and influencer. I have a bachelor's of science in business administration and I majored in marketing. I love marketing. I love writing. I enjoy designing websites on WordPress. I also create and run e-commerce sites, niche sites and blogs. I am proficient in using both WordPress & Shopify platforms. I not only enjoy creating, owning and operating such websites but also teaching others how to do the same.

Here at The Hustle you can expect to find blog posts on a wide range of topics all dealing with creating and expanding one's online presence. We are living in the future, where more and more opportunities for leverage are available to "everyday" people such as you and I. A person with a few thousand blog subscribers, or Instagram followers, etc. can leverage those followers into profits, and other forms of influence. This is huge and in order to keep up with the times we must be constantly learning.

That's why I created this blog.  To teach others what I am learning along the way. The first year I started off with this website I made absolutely NOTHING. I lost money actually, paying for web hosting, advertising, etc. However what I gained in experience and knowledge was priceless. I am now proud to say I make passive income on a consistent basis, and as each month passes the rate at which I earn continues to climb.

Aside from what I do here on The Hustle, I am a certified health and wellness coach. Also within the health, wellness and fitness realm I offer influencer services to help others grow their business and their brand online!

For those of you also on a journey to design a lifestyle where in you have more control over how your time is spent and how your income is earned, I urge you to persevere through the difficulties as the reward is worth the hardships. Continue to research, practice, and evolve. Do something for 5 years straight, and regardless of your "raw talent", learning curve, and circumstance, you will become great at it, or at least good enough to make a living off of it. That is something definitely applicable in this online hustle. Perhaps not so much in say, professional sports, but online the playing field is much more level.

Don't forget to check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I post all my step by step video tutorials. And also continue to come back here to The Hustle, where you can learn about "How To E-Commerce", "How To Blog", and other useful information about "The Online Hustle".  And for those who would like to connect with me a little more, don't forget to subscribe to My VLOG Channel and get a peek into how I live.