Mike Alonzo



I'm a father first and foremost. I say that not so much for you the reader, but for me. It's a reminder of my priorities, what's important in my life, and for the most part, why I do what I do.  I'm a blogger, writer, and student of life (aren't we all). I have a bachelor's of science in business administration and I majored in marketing. I love marketing. I love writing. I enjoy designing websites on WordPress. I'm on a journey to create a certain lifestyle for myself, one in which I've decided on some time ago. I know the internet is the future, no it's the present, and in order to attain that lifestyle I've set out to create in the future, my presence online is mandatory. Well, as mandatory as anything in this world is. Better put it is the road, it's the lane I've decided to take.

Aside from what I do here on The Hustle Never Ends  I also offer Health Coaching Services for those who want to hustle on their body, health and performance. Once my body, physique and performance started to improve, everything else around followed in suit. I was able to see things clearer, make better choices, and in the end hustle harder. So I highly suggest to everyone and anyone that you focus on growth in all aspects of life. Just as we are looking for financial gains here on The Hustle Never Ends, we should also be looking for physical, mental and emotional gains in all aspects of our lives. And to cap off my online hustle, I offer Influencer Services, where in I help brands and products through a variety of ways ranging from modeling, to Instagram shoutouts and more!

I've been locked up, I've been around the world, I've lived in nice places and some not so nice places. I've learned a lot (as most people do) in my 32 years of age. Most importantly I've learned a lot about myself, what I truly want out of life, and what I'm willing to do to get it. Patience and consistency is key. And predicting the future, well that always helps. But at the same time I'm living in the moment. So this is my hustle, my life, my story. This blog is not simply just a passion. No, it's an outlet. No, it's me, on paper or screen however you may have it. Even if I never make a dollar off of it (but of course that won't happen), I'll continue to do it, until I can't do it anymore.

The Hustle Never Ends is a phrase I got from (The Greatest Show Of All Time in my opinion) The Sopranos. Life is one big hustle, and it never ends, until well, it ends. I may die, but life will go on, the hustle will continue. And in my lifetime, well for me, the hustle never ends. It continues until they bury me, and I wouldn't want it any other way.