5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting YouTube

Before I go over the 5 things I wish I knew before starting YouTube, let me be straight with you. YouTube is my FAVORITE online hustle; my favorite way to make money online. Regardless, I still wish I knew these 5 things before starting my channel(s), as it would have saved me a lot of money, time and energy. The great thing about making mistakes though is learning from them...and of course sharing what you learned. So let's get into it!
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First Off I Wish I Started Creating On YouTube Much Earlier

So as of writing this post I have 2 channels on YouTube. I have my Tutorial Channel and I have my VLOG Channel. I only really started getting serious with YouTube during the middle of 2016. Wishing that I started creating content on YouTube much earlier tops my list of 5 things I wish I knew before starting YouTube. Seriously, I was into so many different things that are wildly popular and established now on YouTube. For one, I was a huge gamer back in the day. Two, I had left the U.S. in 2008 and was living in a foreign country! I could have easily created a gamer channel and a type of travel/food channel. Plus I could have done this much before YouTube was the powerhouse it is now. Of course as with all items on today's list, I have no regrets as I'm enjoying what I'm doing with my channel and my vlog now!
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Next On The List I Wish I Had Done More Research On What Camera To Buy

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my current vlogging camera! It is compact, takes AMAZING pictures, and great video. It is the compact Nikon 1 J5, which is an interchangeable lens system. I even purchased an additional lens for it, the Nikkor 18.5mm lens, which makes for INCREDIBLE portrait pictures with great background blur (bokeh effect). Vlogging on that camera is so much fun, especially with it's flip screen capabilities. With that being said I could have gone with some other cameras. There are SOOOO many great point and shoots out there which are more than sufficient for your vlogging needs! I've compiled a list of them in the Amazon advertisement below this paragraph. And actually the camera on my iPhone 6s Plus is really all I need for the type of vlogging I and many others do.


Another Thing I Wish I Knew Before Starting My YouTube Channel

I wish I had realized that there is more than one way to make money off of YouTube! Well I know it now and I take full advantage of that, but it would have been great to know from the start. Become an affiliate to as many relevant companies/brands as possible! These links you leave in the descriptions of your videos and in the video itself make you serious money! I honestly make more money right now off of my affiliate links than the checks being cut straight from YouTube. Of course it's great having BOTH! For instance in my Tutorial Channel I have tons of links to affiliate programs and brands such as Amazon, FlexOffers, ShareASale, and many others! On my Vlogging Channel I have links and to this website, and to my online store I'm So Hoodie! So remember to keep monetization in mind when it comes to your vlogging (or any other YouTube channel) channel.
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Before Starting YouTube You Should Know Your Audience

Me being me, I just dove right into YouTube. Which has its advantages, but I wish I did more research into who my audience was going to be. Just better planning period, allows for a smoother experience on YouTube. It allows you to keep your eyes on what's important and what you're really trying to portray on your channel. You won't get "lost" as easily, because you know who your audience is and what you want them to see on your channel. Most importantly it allows you to not try and do TOO MUCh. Remember you can have multiple channels on YouTube, so don't make the mistake I did which was trying to serve ALL audiences with one channel. Instead, create each channel specific to each audience and each "niche" you are trying to video about. One channel for your vlogs, one for your tutorials, one for your weird obsessions, etc., etc. And those die hard fans will subscribe to ALL channels, but this way those who are only interested in one particular aspect of your YouTube content won't be bothered with the stuff they're not interested in!
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The Most Important Thing I Wish I Knew Before Starting YouTube

For any of those just starting YouTube or just about to start, remember to be PATIENT. Seriously, you are building something that takes a lot of time. Get the foundation right first and foremost and you will be just fine as long as you stick with it. When you rush and try and do too much you will crumble, I promise you that. Instead, pace yourself and always keep in mind that except for those rare personalities, most of y'all will take months upon months, even years to create a truly successful and lasting brand on YouTube. However just like in the real world, wealth that takes time to create usually gets "spent" at a slower rate. Or better put - fast money, goes fast. In our case here and in this YouTube hustle, something that is built properly as opposed to simply fast, will last the test of time. The only thing you should be rushing is GETTING STARTED! So go on hustler, and get your YouTube hustle on!

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