So You Got Yourself A Website
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Seriously it’s really cool that you got yourself a website. But you have to be asking yourself what to do next. Regardless of what stage your site is in, in the end you’re going to need to monetize that site. There are numerous ways to do so, from affiliate marketing to email marketing, selling products and more! So let’s dive into ways your website can earn you MONEY!


Why Would You Want To Monetize Your Site?

I think this is pretty obvious, however let’s break it down. If you remember from your high school economics class there is a saying that goes, “There is no free lunch”. Your website is obviously not free, so it’s a good idea to make some money off of it. On top of that, this probably the main reason you made this website. Or to help your current business, which of course is still about making money. The biggest reason you want to monetize your website is because of the type of money it will earn. That is PASSIVE income. Meaning you can earn money on days you don’t “step into the office”. You can earn money “while you sleep”! That’s the best money life can buy.
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Before We Discuss Ways To Monetize Your Site

Let’s first discuss the roles of a website. A website can be an extension, and usually is of an existing business. This can be a store, service, etc. In the case of say a service your website is the advertising tool, or informational tool that leads to your business earning income. In the case of a store, that’s pretty self-explanatory in terms of how it’s monetized. If you would like to learn how to build your own online store easily check out my post on that by clicking here! But most websites serve as a medium for information. These are the types of websites we will be discussing in this post. Many people don’t take advantage of all the ways a site like this can be monetized, but I’m here to make sure you don’t make that mistake.
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So Let’s Talk About Affiliate Marketing

Let’s say you have a blog or a niche site; could be about fishing, survival, cooking, underwater basketweaving. It doesn’t really matter. Because the point is people WILL go to that site, as long as you’re talking about something that any number of people are interested in. And that’s where the money is…in the traffic! So first let’s talk about affiliate marketing. This is still the best way to make money from your website, as it allows you to create passive income. You simply put up the advertisements on your site and watch the money come in. Okay, it’s not THAT easy. To get you started though I suggest checking out Amazon’s Affiliate Program, Flexoffers, and/or Google Adsense. I earn passive income through ALL THREE of these programs!


The Most Effective Way To Connect To Your Readers & Turn Them Into Customers

Email Marketing is still the most effective way to connect directly to your readers and turn them into PAYING customers! Of course it takes time, and proof of your expertise to garner such trust, but once you do, it’ll be raining cash! Or checks and deposits to your bank account to be more specific! I highly suggest trying out Aweber and their FREE 30 day trial! They have excellent customer service, free learning tools, and an excellent system to connect with your readers/customers. It’s important to remember to slowly build your list up and not SPAM or rush people into buying whatever it is you’re selling. Always offer more value than necessary. It will come back to you tenfold.


Create And Sell Your Own Brand On Your Website

As I said you could have a blog or niche site about anything under the sun. Once you see the traffic coming in, create your own brand! That could be t-shirts with your logo on it, or a popular phrase that has to do with your niche. It could be anything, from hats, to table cloths, even your own protein bar! With all the fulfillment services out there, you don’t have to SHIP A THING! You simply put the products on your site, and once they are ordered, the fulfillment company processes the order and delivers it. You get charged the wholesaler price, while the customer pays you what you charged. The difference is your profit! If you’d like to learn more on how to create your own brand click here!



There are too many ways to monetize your site! Simply Google it, as you no doubt did to find my site. But the 3 ways I provided for you in this article are all you need to start. Just remember a few key things. One, make sure your site provides value and/or entertainment to others. Make sure you ADVERTISE your site, or figure out how to get traffic to it. And of course most importantly, put your advertisements/products on your site and make sure they are relevant to whatever it is your site is about. Before you know it, you’ll be making passive income…so much so you might wonder why you didn’t do this earlier! Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to stay up to date on all the ways you can hustle online. Until the next one, deuces!
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