Dallas Cowboys Hustling
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I could be biased here, considering I’m from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. However I want to discuss what the 2016 Dallas Cowboys has taught me about hustling. Watching the Cowboys play this year has been amazing to watch, regardless of your fan affiliation. I believe anyone who is honest with themselves and others can admit we are watching something special with these 2016 Dallas Cowboys. However I want to mention what is being taught in terms of hustling from watching them game to game.
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The Dallas Cowboys Are Showing You That Games Are Decided By 2 Or 3 Plays

What I mean by that is that football games generally come down to 2 or 3 plays. We are not necessarily watching the Cowboys steamroll over every team. Actually for the most part, you see them battling every step of the way, truly earning that W. And that’s what hustling is all about. It’s about staying consistent, continually pushing through so that when the major plays that decide the outcome of a game are there, you take advantage of it. Same with our online hustle. Not every play is a victory. We are battling for every inch, every possession, and every down. It isn’t always pretty, but what’s important is the end result. And really it’s anybody’s game, except when it comes down to that 1 or 2 or maybe 3 plays, where in one team takes advantage, and the other does not.
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Why Hustlers Like Me Are Enjoying Watching The Dallas Cowboys This Season

It’s amazing to watch. Of course because everyone likes to see a winner. We admire winners. However I say it’s more than that. As I said earlier, they’re not blowing teams out. They are hustling for every play, some they win, some they lose. However they never give up. Just when you think they’re about to lose, they hustle back to victory. And I enjoy that because it’s a reminder for me. I come across so many stumbles and obstacles in this online hustle. I’ve gone through so many “droughts”, so many plays were in I didn’t move an inch. However I know just like the Cowboys, if I stay consistent, then I will eventually make way. It helps that finally I’m starting to see results, but I went through a long period of time, pushing those chains, feeling as though the end zone was no where in sight.
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In the end I just had to mention this because the Dallas Cowboys this season have been inspiring me a lot. I’m not a NFL fanatic, and actually basketball is my true love in terms of sports. I’m a huge Mavericks fan, and although we’re doing terrible this year, I still watch (in anguish at times) and will always be a proud supporter of them. Yet I am inspired by the Cowboys because I just like them have gone through so many years of struggle, losses, and negative criticism due to those losses. This 2016 has been the first year where in I have started to see some success (small as it may be) online, and it’s coincided with the 2016 Cowboys phenomenal season thus far. Now my success hasn’t been as great as theirs, but I aspire for my own “Superbowl” someday. The Dallas Cowboys are out there HUSTLING HARD this 2016 season…and I’m a do the same. The hustle never ends for me, until next time, deuces!

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